Research, innovation and training laboratory focused on the study of artistic culture from digital, computational and techno-critical perspectives

Institutional website of iArtHis_LAB Research GroupiASD, iArtHis_LAB Software Development, its technological branch devoted to development of applications for the dissemination, storage and management of data. Both organizations are part of the Art History Department at the University of Málaga.

iArtHis_Lab was born as the expression of the will of a group of professors and researchers linked to the Department of Art History of the University of Malaga, in order to promote the development of the discipline by making of it, because reasons of methodology, work format, approach and teaching, an active part of the scientist and technician specialized landscape of the dawn of the third millennium.


If you want to know more about iArtHis_LAB, participate in any iArtHis_LAB project or collaborate with iASD, do not hesitate to let us know.

Universidad de Málaga. Facultad de Filosofía y Letras. Departamento de Historia del Arte.

Bulevar Louis Pasteur, s/n. Torre 2. Despacho 221. 29071 Málaga (España)

+34 952 131 690 (L-V 09:00-15:00 CET)

antonio.cruces@uma.es ⁝  nro@uma.es ⁝  warehouse

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Why we work with open source

As university professionals specialized in the history of art, informatics, and computer science, we are strong advocates of using open source in our projects. From a mere academic point of view, anyone who wants to can find good reasons for it here, and in Google if the focus is set on commercial side of work. But, in general, as our case is, it is a structural decision: to make students get involved in an exciting work, with long-term goals, which probably can serve to restore (may be to reset, too) the foundations of the discipline. We firmly believe in the continuity of human progress as a process where hybridization, interactions and cooperative work offer their best fruits.

We are digital natives

We develop because we want Digital Art History having more relevance among scientific and academic panorama in Spanish language.

Expofinder (since 2014). Distributed app using the client-server paradigm for the management of specific information of Exhibitium FBBVA 2014 and ArtCatalogs (HAR2014-51915-P) projects. Pathfinder and Microsites are concurrent developments with use in this project. For security and operational reasons you must identify yourself to access the application.

Pathfinder (since 2018). Software development, a part of the Exhibitium FBBVA 2014 and ArtCatalogs (HAR2014-51915-P) projects, aiming to make a tool available to researchers interested in the application of the digital paradigm to the study of the Humanities (especially Art History) versatile allowing quantitative analysis of the qualitative information of the discipline.

Microsites (since 2019). Gnoseology, epistemology and knowledge networks. Query and search of information on the cultural sector of temporary exhibitions having artistic content. It includes ArtCatalogs, a project funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness aiming to shed a new light on artistic catalogs as discursive devices.

Backend (currently developing). Repository for the management of the information used in iASD applications. Based on WP + MySQL technology. For security and operational reasons you must identify yourself to access the application.